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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Vs In 1993, there were about 93 In-N-Outs Over the years In-N-Out got expanded and in 1999,there was 140 located in california and in two other states. 1948 1st ever In-N-Out was found by Harry and Esther Snyder. Hamburgers were sold for 25 cents, french fries for 15 cents and drinks for 10 cents Oct 22,1948 in-n-outs first doors opened in baldwin park, california Managers make almost $100,000 a year, and employees make $10.50 an hour to start In-N-Out has a website of their own In 1995 in-n-out burger started a Foundation for abused/neglected children, its a nonprofit organization, to help out abused children and to give them something they never had before...hope. In-n-out burgers are made organically fresh made. Nothing packaged or refrigerator free. In-N-Out Burger Carl's Jr. Found in july 17,1941 Los Angeles, CA. Carls Jr. founder was Carl Karcher along with his Ceo, Andrew Puzder Carl karchers idea first started of with a hot dog stand in 1940s then as time passes the restaurants name would be know as Carls Jr. In 1980s Carls Jr. introduces the, Western Bacon Cheeseburger January 2013, it was stated that there were about 1,369 Carls Jr. locations Most employees at Carls jr make a good amount of profit. Cashiers make $8.80 per hour. Cook makes $8.16 per hour, but mainly the general manager makes about $50,748 in a year Carls Jr. had a website but also a slogan, Eat like you mean it Carls jr idea to sell more is by making new commercials on tv, and by making better offers like, $1 off and get the all natural burger Carls Jr. offers a $60,000 in scholarships in honor of their founders. They mostly give out scholarships in the month of January.
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