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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Crazy Facts About Hair Crazy Facts About Hair Healthy hair when wet can stretch up to 30% its original length Hair absorbs oil fromthe water workingas a natural sponge Hair absorbs oil fromthe water workingas a natural sponge Its normal to lose 100 strands of hair per day! The only part of your hair that's not dead is the part in your scalp. Colors of Hair Colors of Hair Pigment in brown hair is Eumelanin You have a different hair color then the person sitting next too you why is that?That's because your hair is made up of a different types of pigment. Brown hair is the mostpopular hair in the world Brown hair has around 10,000 Blonde hair actually don't have much of any pigment in it. 120,000 stands of hair.blondes have more hairstrands then any othercolor. Only 2% of the world has blonde hair 1 in 3 white adult femalesdye their hair blonde. You can pay up to 3x the price to dye your hair blonde instead of broen In ancient Rome women dyed their hair blonde with pigeon poop. Pigment in red hair is Pneomelanin Strands is 80,000 U.S. has the largest population of red heads 1% of people in the U.S. have red hair. 13% of Scottish population has red hair. 20.85% Oxygen 50.65% Carbion 17.14%Nittrogen 6.36% Hydrogen 5% Sulphur Hair is compossed of All hair follicles inhumans are formed when the fetus is 5 moths old. Only living part of your hair is the follicle! 5-Million approximately is the number of hair follicles in the human body. Hair is the fastest growingtissue in the body, second only to bone marrow! 90% of hair on your head is in growing mode the other 10% is in resting phase Most drugs case hair lose. Gender is one thing thatcan not be identified by a hair strand. Hair contains information on what has been through the blood stream. Goose bumps occur when its your cold, because the hair follicle contract, causing the skin to bunch up, and make the hair stand. It takes 13 days for grey hair to show from stress, shock, or aging. 5 months average time a guy spends shaving throughout his whole life. Over 50% of men by age 50 have male pattern hair lose. Gray hair happens the melanin production decreases or stops. 75% of american women die there hair. One hour and 53 minuets average weekly time a girl spends on her hair. Bye the age 65 a women will have spent 7 months of their lifetime on their hair Works Cittied "Facts about Hair" 14 January 2015Science 24 July 2012 14 January 2015 Holle Wood 10 May 2012 14 January Jerry Shapion 14 January 2015Random 17 June 2012 14 January 2015Agora Agora Scales Team February 11 2013 14 January 2015
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