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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Kowllon wall city Beginning to end : * What is kowloon wall city Kowloon wall city started of on 1847 when chinabuilt a wall around Kowloon wall city to prevent the british from occupying the settlement in 1899.1941 the Japanese broke the wall was raised and the stones whereused to expand the Kai tak airportKowloon wall city was broken in 1993-1994.The Kowloon wall city is now a Chinese styled park.The most useful source for meis the 6th slide wich was the video where i got all my information. Why should we conserve Kowloon wall city's heritage The reason we should conserve Kowloon wall city's heritage is because many people valued Kowloon wall city and it was a home to many people.So the government basically only kept some parts of Kowloonwall city which belonged to the more wealthier peoplebecause they felt that the rich are more importantand only there heritage should be save but allthings that the poor value or is part of there heritageisn't still here. How many perspectives are there? There are several stories about Kowloon wall city.One of the stories is that Kowloon wall city wasa place where all the tri ads where and nobody in Kowloonwall city followed any of the laws.All police officers where to frightened to enter Kowloon wall city because of theamount of drug dealers and tri ads.Other people such as the tri ads likedKowloon wall city because they didn't have to follow any rules and there whereno police officers.Dentists and doctors also enjoyed it because the whereunlicensed and that was okay they weren't sent to jail.The last perspective is the people who lived there manypeople who lived in Kowloon wallcity loved it because the rent was only 35Hk da month . Kowloon wall city
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