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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Adoration Of Jenna Fox PLOT TOPICS THESIS: In the book it is clearly exposed how far parents would go for the welfare of their children. Againstmassive use . Claire and Matthew Fox . The FSEB (federal science ethic board) was the government body which regulated science labs, bioengineering and health care. BIOGEL The cover symbolizes the missing pieces of Jennas memory; also how every single day of her life as she recovers a memory the puzzle is more complete. Simile: "Even her fingers look like calligraphy against the sky." It helps the reader picture what her fingers looked like. Repetition: "I am, I am." This makes an impact on the story because repetition not only repeats words, but it helps emphasize the expression of the character's voice which is in some way represents Jennas identity problem. Settin g OF Jenna Fox WHO AM I? SUMMARY SCIENCE MIRACLE, YET ILLEGAL CREATION Bio-Gel Creator Bio-Gel Before Accident After Accident Allys Ethan Kara & Locke Almost killed a man BEFORE AFTER Lily Tight bond My Jenna is dead, youare a living lie! Mr. Bender Jennas first friend Dad's friend. Edward From authorities Neural Chips Build on biological model WHO I WAS? WHO AM I? WHO WILL I BE? SOURCES-Images taken the 26/01/2015, from: - - - - - - - - - - - -,82761_VA - - - - -, M. (2008). The adoration of Jenna Fox. New York: Henry Holt.-VIDEO: HenryHoltBYR. (2008). "The Adoration of Jenna Fox" (Video). Retrieved on January 26, 2015, from:
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