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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brian's Hunt Brian searches the camp, but he can't find much until he finds footprints of the bear going up a river.He realizes the bear was following someone on a boat. Once Brian reaches the camp, he searches the area. He finds that there is no one there and that something has driven them away. He goes into the cabin and discovers a dead body. Brian then realizes it was a bear. Brian goes back to the wilderness for his 2nd time because he wants to learn more. Brian tries to figure out where the dog came from. He thinks that the dog came from a camp that he has been to before, but wonders why the dog didn't go back. Brian decides to travel to the camp to figure out what happened. While Brian is sleeping in his canoe, he sees that a dog is at shore. He goes to shore and tends to the dog which had a wound from a fight. Brian traces the bear's tracks until they were no where to be found. He finds a patch of crushed blades of grass realizing that is where the bear had slept. Brian stays put and realizes that he is the one being hunted. Within a few moments, the bear has found the dog. Brian runs over to help, firing arrows one by one. The arrows do few damage,so the bear comes after him and tackles him. Brian stabs the bear with arrows, and the bear eventually dies. Brian finds a women named Susan. She tells him that the bear was following her up a river. She had lots of cuts, and she was traumatized. Brian then decides to hunt the bear. He knew what thebear had done, and he knew it was personal.
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