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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 breakfast Economic Growth Political Stability the many the many of types Full Employment Reduced Public Debt Canada's Economic Goals Price Stability double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Skills Link Program underprivileged children will develop their technological skills which will help them access the labour market Canada is providing specialized training so they can develop the skills necessary to access the job market This will increase their labour force and decrease their unemployment rate.As more people become employed and have money in their pockets this will allow aggregate demand to grow Advanced Manufacturing Fund Investing in advanced Manufacturing in Ontario, and contributing to an advanced manufacturing base which promotes economic growth Financing these bases will ensure that Canadians will increase the number of jobs that will be available in producing goods because they will be able to expand and become more advanced with their research double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Balanced Budget Canada is aiming to return to a balanced budget This will help to prevent the prices in Canada from havingmajor increases or decreases as they will be hesitantto perform actions that greatly impact the economy. The Balanced Budet will allow Canada to reduce its debt to GDP ratio. This means that Canada willlower their debt and increase their GDP which will make it easier for them to pay off their debt in the near future The government is ensuring that programs andservices that are provided by the best candidatesand they are eliminating unnecessaryor similar organizations. After the regulation occurs, investors will have a better understanding of how the economy works. In addition they will know that the businesses that remain afterwards will be there to stayThis will encourage investments into these companies as the government is assuring them that the companiesout there, will be the most successful. In order to maintain the balanced budget the economy will have to implement new fiscalpolicies in order to maintain that balance. For example, using Contractionary policies in order to prevent movement towards the peak when the economy is flourishing in order to prevent it from reaching the peak and expansionary policies when the economy starts to slow down The government plans to eliminate taxes on offshore drilling units used in offshore oil and gas exploration. This will be a very beneficial long run cost. The government has decided not to increase tariffs on small businesses, this will minimize the debt that the businesses are faced with and will ultimately reduce debt for the country Canada's Job Grant The primary objective of this is to provide Canadians with the knowledgeand training they will need to be employed in the future This will ultimately help them to accomplish the theory of the firm and they will use their profits to expandand continue to make their business prosper Although they are losing tax money the researchwill help Canada locate more Productive Resources and they can use that as exports to other countries. The current structure of the Canadian Economy and the improvements they are making are pleasing to the general public and with the current Mixed Economy it allows the government and the public to own the factors of production. This brings a sense of fairness and comfort to the public which meansit is maintaining a state that is politically stable This will increase the labour force and productionin the economy.This will eventually exceed maximum production and allow Canada to expand their production possibilities curve
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