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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Return On Rubber The Return On Rubber 0 1 2 3 1892 1896 1897 1902 This chart represents the profits made with rubber.In 1896 there was about one million dollars made with the selling of rubber and in 1897 there was about two million dollars made. When the rubber boom had occurred Europeans made around three million dollars. Impact of Rubber Impact of Rubber What led to the discovery of Rubber? What led to the discovery of Rubber? double click to change this header text! Berlin Conference Berlin Conference The Scramble for Africa started in 1870-1900 due to Europeancountries wanting a piece of land from Africa.In 1885 rulers of Europe came together in Berlin to decide who gets what part of Africa. Not a single African representive was at the meeting to decidewhat happened to Africa. How was Rubber made? How was Rubber made? King Leopan made Africans collect Rubber which they had to do with the process called Rubber Tapping which was a very painful process. Rubber came from vines in the jungle located in the Congo's. African men would smear the rubber on their stomachs so they can collect more and it would dry and stick on their body's. It would cause painful pain to get in removed off and if they did not do something there hands were chopped off Once it was collected it was sent to a Factory in Belgium where it was turned into rubber. It was positive because it was it was profitable to Europeans It was also a very useful resource that was used in cars and bicycles. The rubber was making the Europeans and the buyers rich as well. Rubber became a primary source in items used everyday and as soon Europeans had started to use it in trades it had become very popular and and led to the Rubber boom which occured around the 1800s.The Rubber became a demand in the Industrial Revolution because of its many uses in bicycles and automobiles and for factory and business owners eyes it was gold.The first factory was in France,Paris. Rubber had made huge increase in profits as Europeans kept selling it.The Europeans sold the rubber for much more than they had paid for the original raw material . Rubber is what brought Europeans rich and made factories during the industrialization rich as well.Europeans became very rich with all the profit of tires. King Leopean had made many parks,racetracks,railway stations,museums.He also made a 17 acre palace for himself and built government houses as well. He was able to do this all due the enormous profits from the Congo. It was negative because Europeans had taken over African land and have enslaved the people in order to produce rubber. They chopped their hands offand caused many wars within villages. Positiv e Positiv e Negativ e Negativ e Rubber International Rubber International The Africans had become fed up and wanted a way out.There were small wars between the natives and the white people. Political parties had decided to put a end to this and in 1960 Belgium declared the Congo an independent country. Affects on the Congo Affects on the Congo
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