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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Many Hands Does It Take To Make A Bicycle? Scramble For Africa The Scramble for Africawere European Powers tryingget a hold on Africa and begin to occupy, colonize, and annex Africa. Africa & Imperialism Africa was colonized because Europe was in need of raw materials which Africa was full of resources necassary to comply with the needs of supply and demand of the industrial revolution At What Cost Was The Rubber Produced? Rubber is produced in a sap formand the only way to collect is to cut rubber vines until sap drips out of it. The only way sap could be collected and driedwere Congolese rubbed the sap overbodies and eventually when it dried itwas ripped off along with hair and skina very painful process Congolese were forced to meetquotas in which they had toproduce enough rubber and whencongolese did not meet these quotas they were treated brutally and there hands wereusually cut off Who Colonized The Congo? The King of Belgium, KingLeopold had promised to keepthe congo a free state but when he had realized that the priceon rubber exploded he began toignore his promises and beganexploiting natives for work How Is Rubber Produced? How Was The Native Population Effected? Approximately 20% of the Indigenous lives were losttotaling in 10 million casualites Positive Effects of Rubber the positive effects towards the rule of king leopold over the free congo state are that belgium had became a rich country.
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