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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Drinks: Whiskey From the Whiskey Rebellion: It's madefrom vintage barley mowed at 1791-1794 and it's tax free! We don't want farmers rebelling on us do we? double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Barbary Smoothie: Smoothie made by Barbary Pirates. Its packed withso much vitamin-c that they won't ever get scurvy! Josh's Menu of America xyz mysterious macaroni: xyz macaroni is a perfect choice for kids.The macaronis have noodles mysteriously shaped as the letters xy and zthis will also help them learn the alphabet in a fun and delicious way! Price: $6.99 Kid's Meal Main Course Literature Red meat Bear: This 40oz slab of meat is branded with quotes fromAmerica's finest literature. If you manage to eat it all, its free, and you will receivea copy of Davy Crokett's biography. Price: $80.99 Era of good "eel"ings: this entree contains smoked eel that is fresh from the oven,and is so good that this is the real cause of the Era of good Feelings!Price: $25.99 double click to change this header text! P.s. the real time period was when Monroe was president for 2 terms double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Dessert Landscaped Cake of America: this amazing slice of cake is shaped like the landscape of America. You can choose a mountainous cake or Plains cake.during the 1800's. Price: $4.99 Alien and Sedition acts: French Croissant that is stuffed with France's angertowards America for making it harder for foreigners to vote the president.Price:$.99 Appetizers Corn In the cob: This delicious Native American Appetizer. The ingredients were givenby George Catlin himself when he was drawing Native Americans! Price: $1.99 Finely Cooked Calamari: This Appetizer that fishermen frequently eat is so good, that it "impresses" British sailors. Get it? Price: $2.99 Favorite Foods of Famous People: Washington soup: George Washington's favorite food was peanut soup, mashed sweet potatoes with coconut, and string beans with mushrooms. If you want to try it, it is on a discount for only $5.99! In case you don't know what this logo is, its a bunch of arrows made in a fashion that through the gaps, create my initials, JL Yankee Noodle: Noodles that were made by Yankees of the north east. These people are quick to catch a dollar, and supposedly good business men.Price: $4.99 Open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m-8:00 p.mSaturday: 10:30 a.m-8:30 p.mSunday: 3:00 p.m-9:30 p.m
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