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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AUTHORMary E. Pearson The Adoration Of Jenna Foxcharacters: was born in California in 1955, is a childrens writer. Jenna Fox: Primary character, her father saves her lifewith a illegal procedure after she had a car accident,When she finds out she starts arguing about her identity and goes through a process which makes her self change completely. Jennaยดs father: creates the biotech company,because of this he can control things that have to do with health, this is why he does the bio gel treatment to his daughter even dought it is illegal. For him "the end justifies the means". lily: lily is Clairs mother and jennas grandmother. Before the accident Lily and Jenna were close and Jenna looked for her for advise but after the accident their relationship ruined because Lily didnt agree with new jennas body being made up of biogel Claire Fox: She is Jennas mother and she adolizes he doughter. She is a mother that doesnt understand the pressure she places on Jenna. After the accident she could not permit the death of her doughter so she brackes the low with herhusband. Soo she looks for the approval of her doughter because of all she has don to her. Ethan:Is Jennas boyfriend or love, he is a studnt and he was considered a dengerous person because he nearly punched a men til death in the past. After time jenna gets closer to him and he helps ]Jenna to se that even dough she is different she is not a freak or monster. Jenna and Ethan get married until he dies. The adoration of jenna fox , book Conflict The adoration of Jenna Fox, book genre Is a novel wich lies on the category of joung adult. sci-fi.The book is written for making it enjoiable for joung adults. How Jenna struggles with her identity because she doesnt know whoshe was before the accident because she doesnt remember anythin. Jenna finding out about her identity she struggled about who she was when she didn't remember anything about her before the accident. She wakes up in a different time after spending 1 year in coma. at first she didnt remember who she was because she had only 10% of her brain. She tries hard to remember who she was but finally she ends up changing her self complitly and accepts the "new Jenna" double click to change this header text! The Adoration of Jenna Fox (YouTube 2008) Recuperado el 27 de enero de 2015 de: MaryEPearson (Mary E. Pearson (MaryEPearson) recuperado el 26 de enero de 2015 de: MaryEPearson (Mary E. Pearson (MaryEPearson) recuperado el 26 de enero de 2015 de: taken from: taken from: Pearson - The Adoration of Jenna Fox (2008) recuperado de 16 de enero de 2015.
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