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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Main topic Secundary topic Narration (point of view) Plot- Conflict Characters Protagonist: Jenna Fox Referential.Kara and Locke Jenna didnt knew how the accident was, She didnt believed her parents were telling herthe truth about her life How Jenna´sfamily and friendsare involved with accident. We thinkJenna is a very brave girl. The adoration of Jenna Fox A seventeen year old girl called Jenna Fox suffered a car accident. There she lost her mind at all so her family showed her home videosabout her life before her accident. After the accident Jenna had to create a new Jenna Fox life. Secondary.LilyClaireMathew FoxEthanAllysGabrielDaneDr. RaeClaytonKayla Fox How Jenna´saccident changed her life, so she had to be a newJenna with a new life having90% of her body being BioGel. Antagonist:Claire, Lily, and Matthew are dynamic character because they are antagonists in different parts of the story Bibliography Image Taken from: 16/01/15Image taken from: taken from: 27/01/15Image taken from: 27/01/15Image taken from: :27/01715 Image taken from: 27/01/15Video taken from: HenryHoltBYR. 2008.The adoration of Jenna Fox. from: Identity is a very important issue that covers the entire story Valentina CastroMa. José Martínez
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