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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HUMAN RIGHT VIOLATION JUST IN 2012 98 CASES OF TORTURE WERE DOCUMENTED BARREL CONSUMPTION WHERE : Jails in Cuba WHEN : 2012-2013RIGHT VIOLATED :No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruelSITUATION : since 2012 in cuba there have been 29 cases reported of tortures with electroshocks. CAUSE : used as a disciplinary measure or punishmentEFFECT : Bad human conditions to prisoners WHO IS HELPING : The OEA has taken actions.HOW : Because of the negligence of the cuban ministry of human rights the OEA is taking actions WHERE : HUARAZ , PERU WHEN : 2008-2013RIGHT VIOLATED :Everyone has the right to property. SITUATION : In Peru government is depriving him cropland to Indigenous peoples , CAUSE : Because the government wants to use for the industry EFFECT : which takes away the only income to live from this people WHO IS HELPING : The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of PeruHOW :Is working to uphold human rights in the court . WHERE: Brazil WHEN: 2012-2014 RIGHT VIOLATED: Articles 25 and 26, pertaining to the right of healthcare and housing, and the right to education. SITUATION: The Brazilian government chose to spend a lot of money into the World Cup. CAUSE: Governments incompetence, possibly corruption, disregard for the will of the people. EFFECT: Wasted funds, homeless people, violently repressed protests. WHO IS HELPING: Most of the opposing forces are anarchists and protesters. They Romário, an ex footballl player and current member of the Parliament.HOW: The protesters tried to show their discomfort with the decision, and later tried to block access to stadiums and airports, but with little success. Romário could only lend his voice and vote. WHERE: Brazil WHEN: PresentRIGHT VIOLATED: Articles 4 and 23, which porhibits slavery and grants everyone the right to just pay for their work.SITUATION: Slavery or near slavery widespread in Brazil.CAUSE: Brazil`s economy has relied on slavery since a long time ago, and their exploitation permits industries like farming, textiles, and prostitution to flourish. Illegal immigrants are easy targets for unscrupulous employers.EFFECT: In 2012-2013 5,000 workers were reported as unfair conditions work. There are estimates that say there are around 200,000 people working without fair pay on illegal sewing shops.WHO IS HELPING: The International Labour Organization, the Catholic Church in Brazil, and the National Commission to Eradicate Slave labour (CONATRAE) HOW: The CONATRAE designed the first and second National Plans to eradicate Slave Labour, and are responsible for a good portion of the success against slavery. Other organizations also assist them. Where: Caracas When: 05/05/2014Right Violated: No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruelSituation: There rights are not being respected Cause: The citizens made peaceful demonstrations, and protests.Effect: The government of Venezuela violated their rights of opposition protesters through beatings, illegal detention and breach of procedural safeguardsWho is helping: ONUHow: They are trying to bring back all the human rights back to Venezuela Where: Cuba When: ActualRight Violated: Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Situation: The government, doesnt allows Cubans to enter or leave their country, unless they ask for permission to the civil and military authorities.Cause: People, are running away from their country, because their rights are not being respected.Effect: Cuban authorities, have been accused by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to apply torture, arbitrary detention, processes for propaganda purposes and extrajudicial executions.Who is helping: U.S.A.How: They are trying to bring back some of the human right to cuba
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