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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Moderate Phase of the French Revolution Calling of The Estates General Tennis Courts The March on the Bastille Decleration of Right's Great Fear Legislative Assembly The meeting of The Estates General brought forth a new era within France.It brought France into a Constitutional Monarchy which had been restricted by Louis the XVI who did not allow the meeting of The Estates General for over 150 years which allowed him to become an Absolute Monarch.The meeting of The Estates General also allowed the people of the estates to voice their own opinion on the changes that needed to occur in France at that time. National Assembely The Third Estate representatives that attended the meeting of the Estates General came to the conclusion that they were getting nowhere when it came to the representationsof the people within their estate due to the Nobles and Clergy.Due to this the members of the Third estate locked themselves in an indoor Tennis Court within the palace of Versailles taking an oath to form a constitution for France and they planned on not coming out until they did this. After this King Louis the XVI decided upon combing the Estates into one in which they would be called a National Assembly. With the failure of the Estates General,Louis the XVI blamed Jacques for this failure so he was dismissed from the national assembly. With this and many other vents the people broke in a scrabble for arms and with the lack of gunpowder within the people who sided with the national assembly decided to raid the Bastille a fort and prison in which they found weapons and gunpowder. As the peasants started to gain more and more power in France they started to gain fear of loosing this power to the nobles .In the response to this fear peasants raided homes of Nobles in order to steal their patent's of nobility thus them loosing their titles. Not only did the peasants participate in these Emigres but the they also took away all powers that nobles had, got rid of Noble of the Rope and their voice in the national assembly. This Legislative assembly was the result of constitutional monarchy as it not only was the product of the National assemblybut it was the first time France was broken up with both an executive and legislative branch.This legislative assembly had two parts which consisted of the Ancients and Deputies who acted much like the House of lords and the House of Commons. The formation of the National Assembly by King Louis XVI consisted of Parts of the Clergy who used to be the First Estate,Parts of the Nobles who used to be part of the Second Estate and all what used to be the Third Estate. This group in contact with the many grievances that French people.These grievances were mostly based on the many political and social reforms that needed to be fixed.Also the formed the Nation Constituent Assembly which job was to write a constitution for france which they completed in 1791. The Delectation of Rights declared equality for all. This changed the way the taxes worked within France. Everybody paid the same taxes which were now split up into Progressive taxes, and Regressive taxes both of these were the same for everybody no matter what class.
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