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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MY PASSIONS JUNHEE LEE Science Music Science has always been a large part in my life. I was interested in science since I was young, and every morning I read science related news before going to school everyday.Science can be found in my everyday life, as I take a lot of science related courses, I am an executive member of the science club and I plan on studying science in university Piano Clarinet 51% 11% 22% 14% Violin Art Music is everywhere in my life. Everyday, I try to do at least on of the following: piano, violin, clarinet or listen to music. Because I feel at ease whenever I am doing any of those.Music has gotten to the point where I cant go about my daily life without encountering it in some way. Also, music means a lot to me because I made some of my first friends in high school through the music program. I would say art is a passion that I try to encounter at least once every couple days. To get my almost-daily dose, I would either sketch something that is in my mind or just make something artsy on the computer.Art has helped shape who I am because I was able to get involved with tiny projects where I got asked to design logos and posters. Also, you can find some of my drawing on the wall in the resource room. Listening to Music There are several ways that my passions helped me become a better person. By following my passions, I was able to make smart life decisions, like getting involved in various science competition, entrepreneurial competitions and just getting involved in general. Also, it has helped me calm down and helped me manage stress at times. Which I can say I am grateful of. Here, you will discover my passions, and how they shape me as a person!
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