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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Road to REALTOR® Safety The most important thing a REALTOR® must remember is to prioritize their personal safety. Take a moment to read over the following tips on staying safe while showing properties or hosting open houses. 1. Never meet a stranger at a property Meet first at your office. This makes the person aware that others know who they are, and it helps you determine whether or not they have real intentions of purchasing a home. 2. Take your car Never ride with a stranger. Also, make sure that your car always has plenty of gas and is properly maintained to avoid breaking down. 3. Create a coded distress signal Create a phrase that appears harmless to a prospect such as "I need the red folder immediately." It can be used to call your office/home if necessaryto alert others that you're in a dangerous situation.Additionally, be sure to always have a phone with youand maintain a full charge. 4. Always walk behind the prospect Always enter the property behind the prospect. This ensures that you're able to quickly leave if you feel threatened. 5. Dress for safety Dress professionally, yet comfortably. Wear comfortable shoes. Avoid expensive jewelry and do not carry large amounts of money. 6. Trust your gut At the first suspicious signal, inconsistent answers, or abnormal or strange behavior, cease working withthe prospect. Trust your gut feelings. An embarrassing moment or a lost sale is better than the alternative. Remember to always make safety a priority. Source: "The 10 Commandments of Real Estate Agent Safety" by Bryan Davis, Birmingham Business Journal
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