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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tang and Song Dynasty Achievements Song Dynasty Gunpowder Tang Dynasty Farming Transport Improved IrrigationNew kinds of RiceTea Printed Books Learned moreways to growcrops A Popular Drink Made travel easier Merchants can increasetrade with people in Asia The Diamond Sutra Buddhist book.First printed bookfrom A.D. 868 ExplosivesFire LanceFireworks Made Chinesearmy a strongforce How sailors found their way.Also helped sailors sail fartherfrom land. The Chinese wouldeventually sail to Indonesia,India, and other places to thewest. Porelain RoadsWaterwaysSilk Road Compass 1150 Made of fine clay and baked at high temperatures.Traded for:Gold Precious stonesFirewoods Grew well in poor soilProduced more per acreGrew fasterResistant to disease Fun Fact:During the rule of Gaosu,agriculture decreasedsignificantly. Fun Fact:Japan and Korea sentemissaries to the Tangto Changan to studyChinese culture. Fun Fact:The term porcelainrefers to a wide rangeof ceramic productsthat have been bakedat high temperaturesto achieve vitreous, orglassy, qualities suchas translucence andlow porosity. Fun Fact:Gunpowder is a mixtureof charcoal, sulphur andsaltpetre (potassiumnitrate). Fun Fact:found in 1907 by thearchaeologist Sir MarcAurel Stein. Fun Fact:found in 1907 by thearchaeologist Sir MarcAurel Stein. Fun Fact:These early compasseswere made withlodestone, a form of themineral magnetite that isa naturally-occurringmagnet and aligns itselfwith the Earth's magnetic field.
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