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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GUNPOWDER!The Song used this for explosives and also to make fireworks.Gunpowder helped make the Chinese army stronger. PAPER MONEY!Paper money was a way of helping merchants.It also helped the economy to expand and cities to grow. POETRY!Some poems celebrated the beauty of nature, seasons changing, and the joy of having friends. But others were filled with sadness and depressing. Li Bo was known as the the best-known poet, because the poems hemade centered around nature.He made one poem that became famous called " Still Night Thoughts. But, another poet named Du Fu, and because of the harsh life he he made more serious poems. One was called "Spring Landscape." PAINTINGS! The most famous paintings were landscapes. The paintings portrayed the "idea" of the mountains, lakes, and other landscapes.The painters would leave empty spacein the painting. This style comes from the Daoist belief that a person can't know the whole truth about something. The peoplein the paintings are tiny figures, fishing in smallboat or wandering up a hillside trail. Painters would say people are living in, but not controlling, nature. Chinese painters used ink and brush to write beautiful characters called calligraphy. TRANSPORT!The Tang built roads and waterways, and because of that merchants were able to increase trade. One famous made road was called the Silk Road.SILK!Silk, produced by silkworms, were popular in the markets of West China. Tang and Song Dynasty Even though the Tang dynasty started and made a lot of the things we use today, I feel as if the Song dynasty improved the Tangs inventions. The Song also made paper money which actually helped their economy. The Song improved the Tangs printing ways by making a movable print. I also think it is amazing how the Song made a compass so that they can sail farther from land and explore different islands. The Song Dynasty for sure has more significant achievements.
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