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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 George Herman (Babe Ruth) I love jazz music becauseI get to warm up hearing some nice jazz from Luis Armstrong by having a radio I think that it is awesome the women can get out of the house and get to do work out side the home doing teaching, nursing and being able to vote for the president . It's very good for our country I think because not very much votes where going in if just men can vote Discrimination is right because I don't like black African Americans because they aren't my color Discrimination is when in the 1920's the blacks and whites where separated because of their color. This new Model T Ford Is awesome now I can go up the streets like a big bimbo watching people stare at me. The Model T Ford was made by theFord company with their assembly line it made it faster to create the cars because more men where doing it and the assembly line had multiply stations In the 1920s Black African Americans brought jazz to the U.S people like Luis Armstrong. Jazz is a type of music that you can get down and boogey Information Name George HermanOccupation Professional Baseball PlayerBirth Date February 6, 1895Death Date August 16, 1948Place Of Birth Baltimore, MD Louis Armstrong Ad The radio has been invented and people who are busy at work can hear live about games and hear jazz on the radio .SourceWebsite Title: Primark Online Article Title: Keep your hands sleek and Primark stylish in Suede and leather glovesPrimark Online Electronically Published: November 27, 2014 Date Accessed: January 21, 2015 Website Title: Babe Ruth - Article Title: Biography Date Accessed: January 19, 2015 Website Title: Article Title: Babe Ruth dies Publisher: A&E Television Networks Date Accessed: January 21, 2015 Website Title: AllMusic Article Title: Louis Armstrong | Music Biography, Streaming Radio and Discography | AllMusic Date Accessed: January 21, 2015 Website Title: Vintage Dancer Article Title: Great Gatsby 1920's Style Mens Shoes for Sale Date Accessed: January 21, 2015 Friends Zora Neale Hurston cost: $135.00 The movie has been invented so if you have nothing to do you could go to a movie for 27 cents. I love watching movies and being able to hear them on the radio.Movies are now seen all over the world probably anyone can afford to go to a movie. I love being able to listen to Louis Armstrong. He's so gifted I bet everybody around the worldhas heard of him. He is so talented that I listen tohis music all the time on the radio.
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