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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Dynasties of China: 618-1279 A.D The Tang Dynasty The Song Dynasty Writers of the Tang Dynasty expressed themselves through poems about multiple topics and point of views. Li Bo and Du Fu aresome of the many Tang poets. Although both the Tang and the Song dynasties were powerful and had their own different achievements, I believe that the Tang dynasty has a greater affect on our life today. For example, we use canals to transport water through vast areas of land and have an irrigation system to get the water to the crops.Many homes have porcelain statues and bowls that we display and treasure. People print out papersall of the time from computers, and the woodblock printing of the Tang affected the advanced printerswe have today. Students and scholars all over the world write poems to display emotion or to showtheir point of view on a topic. We use iron and steel for tools, kitchen appliances, and many other objects, as well as silk for luxurious clothing. To get from place to place, we drive on roads. The Tang dynasty's achievements affect our lives more than we realize. The Tang were the most famous for their woodblock printing. The carved symbols into wood blocks and covered them with ink. It was the most efficient way of printing. Porcelain was a major achievement of the Tang. They made sculptures and bowls out of clay and baked them at high temperatures. When economy grew, merchants needed more money for business, and copper coins were difficult to make. In 1024, paper money was printed. The Song were well known for their paintings of landscapes. If they included people in the picture, they made them very small to show that people live in nature; they don't control it. In 1150, people began to use compasses for sea travel. It allowed them to sail further from land and to many countries in the west, such as Indonesia. Poems Printing Porcelain Paper Money Paintings Compass
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