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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Al "Scarface" Capone OBJECTS drag and drop icons,shapes, text or upload your own from our extensive library of artwork your artboard double click on textto edit or change TEXT Organized Crime A trigger-happy gun-nut who hated his nickname; he got it from a bank-teller who said the robber had a "baby face". -The most famous Chicago gangster.-Leader of the Five Points Gang.-Almost worth $100 million in 1927.-St. Valentine's Day Massacre, where Capone hires shooters to gun down Bugs Moran's rival gang.-Went to Alcatraz for 6 years and got released for good behavior.-Dies at 48. -Killed three FBI Agents and innocent bystanders along the way.-Stole Cars then raced them at Chicago's Robey Speedway.-He lived in the west side of Chicago-Dies at 26. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Baby Face Nelson Top crime boss of Chicago, running gambling, prostitution, and bootlegging rackets. -A hit man for Al Capone.-Involved in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and the assassinations of gang bosses.-Dies at 86. Tony Accardo Firefight on Highway 12 Firefight on highway 12 Al "Scarface" Capone Tony Accardo FBI agents Sam Cowley and Herman Ed Hollis were in pursuit of Baby Face Nelson. Baby Face Nelson pulled of Highway 12 at an entrance of a park and prepared to have a firefight. As soon as the agents stopped the firefight started. Nelson and Chase opened fire with Cowley and Hollis taking cover and firing back. Cowley hit Nelson with many rounds, but the baby faced mad man kept shooting, wounding Cowley badly. Agent Hollis jumped forward shooting Baby Face Nelson in the legs. Nelson did not fall, however, to the hail of bullets. Instead, he returned fire, killing him instantly. Escaping, Nelson was bleeding. The FBI found his body near a graveyard, apparently left by his partner in crime. A trigger-happy gun-nut who hated his nick name; he got it from a bank-teller who said the robber had a "baby face". Skyler Goodwin
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