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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ut enim ad minim 100% Bug free 1 Apple works only for iOS mobile devices(iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch).This means quality and zero compatibility problems. iPhone uses iOS system thatallow you to log into AppStore, iBookStore and iTunes Store to download only high qualitymusic, books, apps and game:organized and fixed prices. A lot of free contents. "Chat and talk for free withyour friendsall overthe world!" Apple launched iMessage (2011). You can write text messages and send photos for freeto all your friends withiPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac.No taxes and monthly subscription. Blog: www.melarumors.comTwitter : @melarumorsFacebook : Android Market's team doesn't verify all the appswith accuracy. Many apps can't work correctly on all Android smartphone and Market is badly organized:too many variables of price. Don't make a mistake:BUY AN iPhone INSTEADAndroid Phone. ! Like? Share it with your friends on social network 4 "Save your time!"You haven't to install other apps.iOS contains all necessary appsto use all features of your iDevice. Open an account on iCloud:sync your photos, apps and contactin real time! You will never lose your memories! 2 5 6 3 FaceTime is the best service to videocall your contact withoutspend a cent.Only you need is an internet connection and an Apple Device.No lag and other kind of trouble. Are you addicted to video games?
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