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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cultura Maya Similar to tropical dependencies yet the native people made up a majorityof the population while the settlers were the minority Political and social dynamics altered 19th century conquest and disease devastated the indigenous population offering less resistance Surviving native people socially displaced as minority Some settler societies just became a part of Western history Late 18th to 19th century - started with denser populations, devastated, yet eventually built up immunities and survived Enduring competition and conflict between European and indigenous peoples - hardened by ethnic, racial, and national identities European settlers also began to clash with local representatives - wantedindependence from missionaries and colonial officers Hawaii and New Zealand among late-18th century settler colonies 1760s - European explorers, settlers, merchants, and settlers carried demographically disruptive diseases greatly hurting the previously isolated populations of the South Pacific Also carried a corrosive culture that the islands had a hard time withstanding: new religions, sexual mores, more lethal weapons, and a sudden influx of cheap consumer goods Some of the largest population concentrations in Pacific 1790 - timber merchants and whalers establish on New Zealand coast - lead native Maori to alcoholism and prostitution Also purchased western firearms revolutionizing Maori warfare - many casualties as diseases also spread rapidly and population cut down Maori learned to adjust and began using European agricultural tools to farm and converted to Christianity 1850s - herders and farmers arrive leading to conflict with the Maori over the most fertile land Maori generally lose but learn to use British law to defend themselves as they build up immunities to disease Late 18th century: Hawaii came under British political influence and U.S. economic influence 1794 - 1810 - King Kamehameha won his kingdom with British help and Hawaii royalty slowly began to adopt Western culture including wide spread Christianity The Pacific was greatly isolated before the arrival of the Europeans. With the Europeans though, alcoholism and prostitution drew the Maori in. Additionally the revolutionized warfare with the new western firearms and were soon fighting farmers and herders for their most fertile land. Disease also cut down their numbers greatly but eventuallythe Maori were able to develop immunities, slow warfare, and use British law to defend themselves. Meanwhile in Hawaii disease was a huge factor due to their prolonged isolation. Captain James cook would open the way before they were exposed to western influence and adopted it for the most part. King Kamehameha would win his kingdom yet eventually all the monarchs would be supplanted and more Europeans would flock to the island. Disease spread widely but the population recovered yet the monarchs were also quickly supplanted
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