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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nike Social ResponsibilityBy: Caleb Ayala & Kaden Bernard 2W Employee Wellness - Nike takescare of their workers. They give employees the opportunity to stay fit and they ensure the wellness of their families with a positive working environment.Benefits depend on your location,position, and years with the companybut here are some you'd be eligible for... Health insurance,life and accident insurance, disability insurance, retirementsavings plan, employee discount(15%), paid vacations and holidays,onsite fitness centers, and tuition assistance. This is taking care of your employees. Environmental Protection - InNike's code of conduct, they talk about their minimal environmental impact.They meet their requirements by not releasing hazardous air emissions and waste and water discharge. This tells me that they are protecting the enviroment and not harming it to make people sick. Workplace Diversity - Nike shows this by hiring all kinds of people. They have a chart with all the people they hire. In 2009 the diversity was 8,799Caucasian, 3,458 African American,1,998 Hispanic, and 1,457 Asian/Pacific Islander. As far as gender goes in 2009, the percentageof men and women was 50/50.Men with 16,463 and Women with 16,337 I would say that is diverse Job Safety - Nike's job safety is clearly stated in their code of conduct. They take steps to prevent accidents and injury by making sure everything is safe.They have systems to detect to avoid potential risks to the saftey of their employees.
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