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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Exposition Panem is starting the Reapings Katniss volunters as tribute for her little sister Rising action Rules different now, Katniss and Peta can both win Climax Rules change again, now they have to kill eachother falling action Both say they'll commit suicide so both end up winning Katniss is Brave Katniss is independent Katniss is smart Peeta is a lover Peeta is caring Peeta is soft Primrose is compassionate Primrose is gentle Primrose is easily loved by others The main theme for the Hunger Games is survival.Throughout the story, many people die. Even the few that katniss actually happens to favor like Rue.While Katniss was ,"holding Rue's hands, watching the life drain out of her" a switch went off in Katniss' s brain.Rue was one of the youngest tributes in the story. She was the same age as Primrose, The sister of Katniss. Katniss had made a pact with Rue that she would be there for her. The guilt of breaking the promiseshe had with Rue ultimately made her want to fight even harder in the games.Watching Rue die made Katniss even more dedicated to survive the Hunger Games. Food is also scarce in Panem. Katniss describes it as "(District Twelve.Where you can starve to death in safety.)" Even though the district has a fence keeping out predators like bears and wild dogs, there still is one major struggle for life. There is limited food distributed in district 12 so many are starving. The food situation is so bad that Katniss had almost died in an alley.So people are not just struggling to survive during the annual reapings, but also duringeveryday life when just trying to find a meal.
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