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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I prefer to read about a concept first before I hear someone explain it or learn by doing. Visual Learning ? ? ? ? ? ? Reflective Learning Sequential Learning I digest new information by reflecting on it in deep thought. I grasp details first and build on them in a logical order to put together the "big picture". 1...2...3---> Strategies for Online Learning I will leverage my sequential and reflective skills by reading a lesson and breaking it down into easy to understand parts that fit and work together to understand the whole idea. #1 I will capitalize on my visual skills by looking for charts, diagrams, infographics, blueprints, photographs or any other visual depiction to analyze and absorb the subject. #2 Stephen Hughes: A Sequential and Reflective Visual Learner According to the results of my aptitude tests, I am primarily a visual learner who reflects and thinks about details first when learning something new. Conclusi on Through the lesson and required reading this week I have discovered my own learning style and have been made more self aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I learned that visuals are my primary learning avenue, with auditory being a somewhat distant second, and kinesthetic being a very far third. I also became aware of my own personal critical thinking process. Being reflective, sequential, and sensory means I prefer working alone and figuring things out by deep thought, breaking down hard facts in a logical manner and understanding parts and pieces before grasping the totality of a subject. With my newfound self awareness of my learning style and putting my established strategies gleaned from this week's lesson into action, it will be very easy for me to adjust to college online. An additional tip that I took from the required reading article, "15 Ways To Become A Better Self-Learner" By Jeff Dunn, is the open and free courseware. What a valuable resource! Not only can I learn about a subject for free, but I can go further and master it as a motivated self-learner! I now have many tools and techniques at my disposal to be a successful student of higher education. References: Week 3 Lesson, lf-learner/
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