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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GrippeNet YouTube Zone Brand Exposure What Your Customers Are Telling You Encourages word of mouth exposure. It provides a platform for consumers to connect with eachother and easily share your brand information with their own friends. Easy to host surveys and polls about current and future products. The platform encourages people to speak their minds which may spark new ideas for the company. GoogleFluTrends Unique platform to engage consumers. Ability for posts to go viral and reach the masses. Following posts about your company or products can help discover problems and suggestions. Easy to monitor competitors and keep tabs on what they're creating. Can be useful in responding to crisis situations. Be careful not to over use quick response because it can easily backfire if a consumer is angry with thebrand. Not necessarily the main goal of the platform. The company can put itself in a positive light by staying ahead of the trendsby posting relevant and interesting content. Providing industry relevant posts that follow latest trends can be an easy wayto gain viral exposure. Searching for keywords can help discover latest trends and spark ideas for new kinds of marketing. Videos are a great way to build brand exposure. By building a strong channel, you are giving consumers the ability to share your information in an easy and appealing way. Consumers can comment on videos and share ideas but product research is not the main goal of this platform. Easily respond to complaints and present a strong customer service presence. Presenting a strong social media presence can help your company seem more accesible to consumers. Creating informative and entertaining videos can cast a positive light. If done correctly, videos can help build your brand as a known and loved entity. Concurrents Reputation Management Healthmap
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