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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Chinese became one of the most advanced in terms of engineering and inventionsat the time. Here were some of their many inventions After paper printing became a big thing, paper money became even bigger. Paper money over took copper coinsThe first place to actually use the paperwas in Szechwan (sichuan) They were some of thefirst people on earth to create air conditioning.However it was only for the rich emperor. He wasable to use a series of water powered fans to create a cold, misty breeze. Tang dynasty Song dynasty In my personal opinion, I think that the Tang dynasty is better then the Song dynasty. Although the invention of papermoney and gun powder is pretty big and all, I believe that creating printable paper, mining steel and an nice air conditioner is better.With out print being invented in the Tang dynasty, Paper money wouldn't even be possible. There would be such thing as printing.Not only that, but in order to create some other inventions like a gun powder barrel with metal rings, or a compass of some sort, you will need a strong metal. Maybe a metal like steel. Steel and iron mines weren't big until the Tang dynasty. Many other inventions called for strong metals like steel. Steel was probably used to mine iron. Probably to make picks and buckets and what-nots. In other words, the Tang is just all around better, if they came up with more useful inventions, that could later be built off of. Another invention was gun powder. Gun powder was created with sulfur, and coal and used for military purposes mainly. During a The Battle of Ain Jalut, the hand cannon was created The compass. A very well know device. The magnetic lodestone "spoon" handle will point south. With a total of 24 directions. Steel and iron mines was a huge break through.Steel was stronger then their old school copper. Iron was needed to create Steel. During the tangDynasty, their became over 100 mines over china. Ian Schneider Paper and printing was one of the most revolutionary inventions yet. Something that will be used for thousands of years later.Paper became famous and ended becoming extremely high in demand.A book Tripitaka Koreana was created, and a copy was said to be made.The copy took 80,000 plus blocks of magnolia wood to create the copy.
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