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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 music choice Personality is affected by HIGH SELF-ESTEEM CREATIVE OUTGOING GENTLE AT EASE INTROVERT HARDWORKING LOW SELF-ESTEEM Country & WesternChart Pop BluesJazzClassicalRapOperaReggaeChart PopSoul BluesJazzRapCountry & WesternReggaeDanceBollywoodChart PopSoul BluesJazzClassicalOperaReggaeDanceIndieBollywoodRock/Heavy MetalSoul BluesJazzClassicalReggaeRock/Heavy MetalSoul BluesOperaReggaeRock/Heavy MetalChart PopSoul Classical IndieRock/Heavy Metal "New research from around the world suggests that an inividual's favorite music genre is is closely linked to his or her personality" (Collingwood).Music is a big part of our lives, and aparently is a huge part of our personality as well. Personality is affected by music choice. In a study, couples that spent time getting to know each other, looking at each other's top ten favorite songs actually provided reliable predictions as to the listener's personality. Different music genres result in different personality traits. Some can affect you in positive ways, others in negative ways. Peopleactually define themselves through music and relate to other people through it as well. "People may define their musical identity bywearing particular clothes, going to certain pubs, and using certain types of slang" (Collingwood). Furthermore, people often judge each other depending on their preferred music genres. By listening to your choice of music, other people can guess a big part of your personality witha stunning precision."Strangers can accurately assess another person's level of creativity, open-mindedness and extroversion after listening to his or her top 10 favorite songs. Rentfrow thinks that personality clues are conveyed in the music's tempo, rhythm and lyrics" (Billings). Your music choice can say a lot about your personality. "Fans of jazz, classical and other 'complex' music typically have above-average IQ scores...Fans of country and Top 40 hits tend to be more conventional, honest and conservative compared with fans of other genres...In fact, fans of gangsta rap or heavy metal are often more timid and shy than other kids...Extroverts gravitate to music with a heavy bass line...Background music can help extroverts focus, but tends to torment introverts...Fans of energetic music like dance and soul are more likely to impulsively blurt out their thoughts, compared with fans of other styles"(Billings). Different fans prefer different music genres, thereforethey have different personalities. "The question 'What kind of music do you like?' is so revealing, it is the number one topic of conversation among young adults who are getting to know each other, according to psychologists Jason Rentfrow of the University of Cambridge in the U.K., and Sam Gosling at the University of Texas at Austin" (Billings). Asking that one question can tell you so much about that one person, and answering that question could tell the person asking the question a lot.
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