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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Comparación entre PTRM y DAPA* (Estimados al 13 de enero de 2015) Sources: Small business loans of up to £50,000 can usually be obtained with an interest rate of 8-10% If you can secure 25% of your required capital you can apply for the rest via the government's Enterprise Finance Scheme (EFS). 26% of UK small businesses are "irresponsibly" funding themselves with credit cards andpayday loans. 18-24 year old entrepreneurs can apply for small loans of around £2,500 via the governments Start-Up Britain scheme. While lending from banks is still difficult, lending from building societies and private finance companies has increased throughout 2012. Crowdfunding is becoming popular with small businesses. This is where an entrepreneur seeks small donations from the public with promises of discounts and gifts as a return on their investment. A bicycle repair start-up in Sommerset raised £40,000 in six days doing this. The Bank of England is planning to lend money to high street banks to increase lending to businesses; but for the moment a number of loans are still being rejected.
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