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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The amazing planet Neptune! the average distance from the center of the planet to its surface is 15,299 miles (24,622 kilometers). But like most spinning bodies, Neptune's rotation causes it to bulge slightly around the equator. The resulting shape is known as an oblate spheroid. The radius at the poles is 15,125 miles (24,341 km), slightly smaller than the equatorial radius of 15,388 miles (24,764 km). The average diameter across the planet is 30,598 miles (49,244 km), almost four times the diameter of Earth. What is the gravity like?It is 112 % of earths gravity. Composed of?Neptune is composed of 80% Hydrogen, 19% Helium, and 1.5%Methane Discovery of the planet?It was discovered September 23, 1846. By Hannah Massey and Maddie Goodman Moons/Rings?Neptune has 14 known moons named after the seagods and nymphs What is the color? Neptune is a vivid blue color that is due to unidentified compound How long to orbit the sun?It takes 164.79 years Neptune's rings posses arcs. Arcs are bright thick clumps of dust. How does it rotate?Neptune rotates counterclockwise Interesting FactNeptune is the 8th planetfrom the sun. Whats an interesting fact? Only one spacecraft has been past Neptune, and that was theVoyager 2 Whats the distance from the sun?30.1 UA What is the temperature? It is -220 degrees celsius. What is the size? The average range from the center of the planet to thesurface is 15,299 What is the surface like?The surface is icy and is mostly hydrogen and helium. Can it be view from Earth?Neptune can not be viewed unlessyou have a telescope
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