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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ITEM NO. 004: Le description. Internet Security for Dummies By: Cookie Inc. ITEM NO. 001: searching ITEM NO. 002: secure website ITEM NO. 003: Le posts. ITEM NO. 005: Le profile picture. I cannot tell you HOW MANY TIMES I see idiots post personal info on their profile for EVERYBODY to see. It is plainly idiotic. There are creepers out there, imbeciles! Ok... now the three ways to solve this.1. don't post this info in the first place. BAYUM. Yes, I just told you to do that.2. Make it so only friends/followers/following/whatever the heck they are these days can see your post, and don't friend/follow random people.3. If you put this info up to help people you know in real life AND TRUST reach you,then personal message them. The site probably tracked you down the moment you goton, so you don't have to worry about that. Any picture relating to you in some major way (ex: a selfie) IS A NO-NO. Always use a picture that has almost NO RELATION to you at all. Pictures you have drawn/screenshots that don't give any personal info away are exceptions. Yes, go draw your pretty picture now. Make it up, people. you may connect it to you, like a catch phrase or something, but make sure it won't be a big hint to those that would use it for bad things. whenever you use a search engine, it is a good idea to check user opinions.also, be sure the search engine has a [https] before it's site name, the 's' stands for secure. It is pretty much the same thing as searching, although I, personally, would install a program called 'avast:antivirus' from THE MAKERS SITE, before using any other sites, as no matter how many precautions you have it still happens. Cookie Inc. owned by: Zach Pierce
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