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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 STRETCH YOUR ZONES The Comfort Zone The comfort zone is where every leader starts. Every task is within your reach and there is no need to develop new skills or further advance the ones you already have. Here we find little to no challenges and all your everyday activities and events. If you stay in this zone, it is guaranteed you will be safe. There is a small chance of failure, but also a small chance of achievement. It is important to remember, that while safety and security is certain, it is hard to go far from where you start. The Stretch Zone In the stretch zone, people arepushed to think "outside of the box",take on new challenges, learnnew skills and further develop skills they have already acquired. Challenges that tend to arise in the stretch zone are not too difficult such that they would cause panic and not to easy as to not learn anything from it. By taking risks and trying new things,those who work in the stretch zone tend to be the most productive, innovative and creative leaders. The Panic Zone Many people tend to stray into this zoneunknowingly, causing them a lot of stress, anxiety, panic, discomfort, and more. Those who are in this zone tend to get discouraged from the failure of not reaching near the impossible goals that they have set for themselves. Any pressure or stress isamplified in this zone making it even harder to think and process ideas. Although they are attempting to make progress, there is close to no productivity in this zone due to procrastination and the low quality of work done under stress. It is good to take risks, and accept new challenges, however it is always important to know where your limits lie. Stretchy Leaders A stretchy leader works and leads in the stretch zone to achieve more. This increases productivity and efficiency among a group as well as promotes innovation and creativity. A proper stretchy leader will first work his or her way into the stretch zone. He or she then leads by example, andleads their subordinates into the stretch zone as well. This prevents any repetition of events or products as everyone will be taking risks and accepting new challenges.
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