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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fractals & Aesthetic Experience Natural ProcessesTesting the idea that is shaped by visual experienceObviously Fractals in ourenvironment Exploring preferencefor fractal patterns across country. Ratingonline design Urban/Rural Differences? Conclusions & Next steps.. Individual differences in aesthetic response to fractal patterns found.Urban Rural Differences foundNo connection (currently) with CNS Measuring real-life scene for fractaland non-fractal content Perceived visual complexity Aesthetic Response to Fractal patterns Is it Related to Connectedness to Nature? Environmental psychology Disruption of Water Cycles Connection to Nature Likelihood of protecting Different Aesthetic Relationship based on where you live. It this problem in increasing urbanised world? Is it related to aestheticexperiencefor Fractal Patterns? More likely to protect what you like - FractalDimension Testing Cross-Culturally.... A related construct! Prefer Fractal over non-fractal images.Mid-range (D1.3-1.5) an important range aesthetically.Based on visual experience?Based on innate responses? Nikki Street 2A-FC Design2 models (Complexity & Mid-range)Egypt & UK ParticipantsRural, Urban or Suburban Findings:No Cross-cultural differenceRural more likely to prefer higher complexity imageUrban more likely to prefer the mid-range image Found differences acrossEgypt and UK samples Consistent with Souief & Eysenck (1971) Why did we find this? Not finished with this area yet! Thank you!
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