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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bloom's Revised Taxonomy Bloom's Digital Taxonomy vs Use the sameKey Terms Follow the sameorder of learningprocess Lower orderthinking skillsat bottom, higherorder at top ofpyramid Learning does notalways start atlower order thinking skills Modern examplesare given in DigitalVerbs Strong emphasisin learner collaboration inDigital Bloom's By: Daniel Sharpe Digital focuses on21st Century Skills In Bloom's Taxonomy there are Key Terms which describe the process of learning. Verbs simply describe what actions apply to the Key Terms. Differences Similarities Digital usesoriginal and additionalWeb 2.0 Verbs There is not a significant difference between Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and Bloom's Revised Taxonomy as both support the original continuumof Low Order Thinking Skills to High Order Thinking Skills. For bothlearning follows the same continuum, yet Digital Bloom's attempts tounderstand the actions (verbs) that occur in the 21st Century in additionto Bloom's original verbs. With the emergence of 21st Century Technologies(including Web 2.0 tools), Digital Bloom's attempts to show the kind of toolsthat would be utilized at each learning level, and what learning would looklike at each of those levels. Summary double click to change this title text! Churches, A. (2007, April 11). Bloom's digital taxonomy. Retrieved from Creating Evaluating Analyzing Applying Understanding Remembering Additional Verbs Apps RSS Feed WebDevelopmentCodingProgramming OnlineAssessment Mind MapDownload Embedding
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