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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jakarta, 17 June 1994(+62) Nugraha Abdillah Objective Nugraha Abdillah Nugrahabdillah Personal Data Education Depok, West JavaFaculty of social and political scienceCommunication DepartmentPublic Relation StudiesGPA 3.65 / 4.00 (6th term) Universitas Indonesia (2012 - present) SMAN 70 (2009-2012) Bulungan, South JakartaMajoring Science Organizational Experiences Working Experiences JakartaInternshipBe an intern at Bank Indonesia,communication department. Involved in media relation and opinion maker unit, communication strategy unit, and public institution relation. Having continuous learning, as well as implementing my knowledge through a challenging work experience especially in communication and public relation world Depok, West JavaBe a public relation officer at student executive boardof Universitas Indonesia, on environmental department Aiesec International (2014) Executive Student Board (2014-2015) RTC UI FM (2013-2015) Bank Indonesia (Jan 2015 - Feb 2015) JakartaAdmin PositionManage Unilever Food Solution program for their Ramadhan campaign known well as Duk-Duk Program. As the bridge of internal, customers, and agency to make sure the program worked well. Bielsko biala, PolandBe an exchange participant inInternational Kindergarten Project,Poland Unilever Food Solutions (July 2014 - Aug 2014) Bulungan Cup 13 (2012) Depok, West JavaAnnouncer of UI radio, on air 2-3 times a week Senayan, South Jakarta Organize the biggest high school championship in Indonesia, as a finance management team,especially for boxing match Bulungan Boxing Camp (2010-2012) Bulungan, South JakartaAs a head of the organization, Manage boxing high school organization Additional Information Hobbies & Interest:Football, movies, music, travellingSkills:Public Relation, Communication, MS.officeLanguage:Indonesian & English Get in touch: Nugraha Abdillah
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