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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 History Safety Tips 80 percent of the world's earthquakesoccur along the rim of the Pacific Ocean - Make your home sturdier.- Have a ready plan is case of earthquake.- Find a spot in every different room where you would be safest during earthquake.- Keep supply of food(canned), water, and supplies such as flashlights, radios, etc...- If earthquake is occurring, hid under a table or somewhere you can't get hit. Background Information Earthquakes, also known as tremblors,is any sudden shaking of the groundcaused by the passage of seismic wavespassing through Earth's rocks. Over thecentury, earthquakes have been responsible for millions of death and billions and billions of dollars worth of property damage. Earthquakes Statistics Most earthquakes occur along faults and narrow zones. Causes Most earthquakes happen at faultzones, usually where tectonic platesare. The tectonic plates crash or collide together, and builds up stress. When this stress or energy is eventually released, it sends out massive vibrations(seismic waves), travelinghundreds of miles through rock to surface. Earthquakes are natural occuringdisasters that have been around forcenturies. They can be extremelydestructive, consuming the lives of millions. Earthquake magnitude measuring3-5 is minor/light, 5-7 is moderate/strong, 7-8 is great, and 8 or higher is severe 10,000 die annually from earthquakes
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