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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HOW OCEAN ACIDIFICATION IMPACT COOKS ISLANDS A pesar de tener un cubrimiento general del 27,4%,las publicaciones con indexacion en ISI alcanzan unamplio margen de cobertura sobre el Core; es decir,12.807 sobre 19.300 indica que la colección suscrita es de alto nivel de calidad. 66,3% El Core de Ulrich's Indexa alrededor de 106.377 titulos en las areas relacionadas en las bases dedatos analizadas. Cook Islands is between Australia and South America. The climate is mostly tropical. It is a mix of hot, dry and moist. Population: 10,134 Marine ecosystem: Rarotongan Fruit Dove, Rarotonga Monarch, Cook Islands Reed Warbler, Rarotonga Starling, Mysterious starling, Rarotongan Tree Skink, Cook Island Flashlight fish, Powells false moray, Peppermint Angelfish, Narc angelfish Orange spotted soapfish, Anomalopidae. The ocean is important because people who live close to the ocean go fish for seafood to sell and have them for their family. How is ocean acidification effecting you community? - They are threatening habitats like coral reef and the species that have shell. Humans are threatening habitats like coral reefs and the sea food that have shells. Not to mention humans pollute the ocean too. 73% 10% 26% When carbon dioxidedissolves in this ocean, carbonic acid is formed.This leads to higher acidity, mainly near the surface.This is what causes ocean acidification. 1.
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