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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Black and White Selling methods: This producer of fruits, seasonal vegetables and flowers is situated in 77 (Seine et Marne) He sells his production directly to the consumers on markets thanks to a short circuit,but also has his own store, where he sells products of the other producers.Positioning / promise : This producer always proposes to his consumers products freshly picked which offer authentic flavors, taste of formerly which reminds them fruits and vegetables of their grandparents.Production methods : Production based on the integrated farm management. There is a small use of pesticides and a big use of average natures (use of insects under greenhouses for example), such as bumblebees to favor the pollination, and the use of insects which feedon "harmful" insects as aphids and flies. Favorite spring trends: Ralph Lauren: Spring Fashion Spring has finally arrived in Boston - Commonwealth Couture asked Boston fashionistas which trends and designers theyare most excited about for this upcoming spring/summer season. Results are based on 70 responses. Commonwealth 42% 15% Stripes 23% 20% Michael Kors: Lily Pulitzer: Marc Jacobs: 40% 8% 6% 1,3 billion 2. 1 Best colors for spring: Cutouts 20% 1. Le Verger qui dit non ! "Un grain de blé pourrait nourrir toute l'humanité" tons of food are thrown every year of fruits are wasted because of their appearance of the food produced in the world is wasted « Le jardin dhippolyte » Our competitors Selling methods: This producer of fruits, seasonal vegetables and flowers is situated in 77 (Seine et Marne) He sells his production on markets (City Parisis, Mitry-Mory and Gagny).Positioning / promise : Quality and freshness to take advantage of the nutritional and gustative values of every vegetable or fruit. To create a direct link between the producer and the consumer, he uses the short circuit.Production methods : He practises the reasoned agriculture in integrated production: Produce fruits, vegetables and flowers by using a mode of production taking into account the environment, the health and the animal well-being. For that purpose, he uses green manure and organic amendments while avoiding artificial fertilizers « Les jardins de Brinville » 3. « Maurice de Poincy » Selling methods: Small family exploitation at Poincy near Meaux in 77. They are present on the markets of Lagny, the Marne, on the store in Poincy, and have partnerships with ecocitizenss associations for distributions of fruits baskets (Associations for the preservation of a peasant agriculture). Positioning / promise : Cultivate fresh products and healthy, stemming from a natural agriculture. They cultivate varieties adapted to the country, and including the forgotten vegetables!Production methods : Their ground consists in a surface of 17 ha, the rest being occupied by 4500 shrubs of hedges and green manure. They develop an Agrocologique system. What are the key figures of the market ? The consumers purchase in fruits in the food hypermarkets (Leclerc, Carrefour, Auchan, SuperU and Liddle), directely at the producers or on the traditional markets, in specialized stores (bio C bon) or on Web.
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