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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Distractive Driving in Today's American People Teens are four times more likely to get into a related crash or near crash event due to distractive driving then adult counterparts. Teens tend to engage in cell phone tasks more frequently and in much more risky situations, then adults. Texting is on the rise, up from 9 billions messages a month in December of 2005 to 100.4 billion in December of 2008. Both socially and illegally drunk driving is completely unacceptable. Headset cellphone use is not substantially safer than hand held use. Driver engaged in manual manipulation of phones such as dialing and texting of the cellphone, shows these behaviors lead to a substantial increase in the risk of being involved in a safety critical event. Those sleep-deprived, multitasking drivers-clutching cellphones, fiddling with radios, or applying lipstick- apparently are involved in an awful lot of crashes The key element to driving safely is keeping your eyes and your mind on the road. Distracted driver were involved in nearly 8 out of 10 collisions or near-crashes. Conducted in vehicle simulators have shown that texting while driving impairs the driver's abilities. Data from police reports have estimated that driver inattention was a factor in above 25% of crashes. Drowsy driving increased the driver's risk of a crash or near-crash my 4 times- 6 times, the study said.
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