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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What could you gain from What could you gain from from using 10% 10% {having all your tools in one place} & {based off caller id} = minutes Efficiency gained. % 5 % = % Reduction in calls lost. ? ? You could your... {customer service level} {calls handled} {transactions per hour} {operational costs} {abandoned calls} {average time} {forecasting and scheduling} Just as an example; Based off these numbers alone just imagine what a 40% efficiency gain could mean for you. Or gaining back a whole 10% of customers you're losing on a daily basis. you could see all the informationyou need before you even know you need it ow can I achieve this in my contact center ow can I achieve this in my contact center? aking the first step toward optimizing your contact center and bring it into the next generation. We recommend a three to five day assessment with us to fully understand the scope of possibilities in upgrading your Cisco UCCX platform. Taking in account how much you rely on your phone system and current applications you owe it to your business to take full advantage of the opportunities available. Contact Us; o. 888-406-4485e. m We've saved the best information for last.. Return on Investment Return on Investment 15 You could your... minutes 10 7.5 4.5 40% In all that you stand to gain from working with Workflow Concepts. You can expect to see a significant ! integrated screenpop integrated screen-pop Your average handletime could go from... Your abandoned call rate couldgo from... using intelligent prerouting using intelligent pre-routing {abandoned calls = abandoned revenue} {agent occupancy} INCREAS E INCREAS E {revenue} DECREAS E DECREAS E T Optimize with ! H
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