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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The blackouts took place at night.During the blackouts people hadto cover their windows so that no light could come out and reveal theircities to their enemies. During the second world war, Jews were discriminated becauseof their religion and beliefs.They were also sent to concentration camps and separatedfrom their families. During the war, there was a big differencefor everyone. For example the Hunger Issues. To make their victims weak,Germans tried to shortenthe amount of food and other things.Every person in the country was givena ration book. It started in Europe on September 3rd in 1939. The country that started this catastrophe wasGermany. There were twopowers, the Axis and the Allies. They were warned when a bomb wasgoing to explode with loud sirens.They used sirens during air raids. Australians In France Villers Bretonneux Fromelles Hunger Issues Evacuation Blackouts Jews in Danger! By: Maggie & Isa We can also connect World war two with Anne Frank because many Jews were taken to concentration camps and treated horribly as Anne and her family were. Many families hid affraid of being discovered such as the Frank family. We can connect this event with the book Number the Stars because what Ellen did with her family was verycourageous because she escaped fromDenmark hidden in a boat in risk of getting caught and killed and many people during the war did the same risky thing. Connections A part of survivingwas leaving their homesand going to the country sideto escape from the bombs. This was called evacuation. Fromelles was the first battleof the australian army in france,it took place in 19-20 july of 1916 turning into a great failure for the french and their alies, having an amount of 5.533 australians death
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