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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Who am I Who am I 2020 2014 My Early Life-Familys desire of a Healthy Me Humble Beginnings: Birth in a middle class family Battle with Health Lucky 13: The age of meeting my soul mate Yielding Career in the making-The first steps Faith can move Mountains: Quest for IIT begins Stamp of Excellence: IIT Certifies excellence in Technical Activities I got my first real six-string: Awards & Accolades in Music & Dramatics 2005 1995 2008 Lasting Influence of saved $ & then...the Inflection Point Tryst with Music: My first Harmonium at age 8 Top percentage at School, dreams of superlative education & a rewarding career Milestone I: IIT BombayThe journey begins in a new universe 2003 First Corporate Experience: Internship at Larsen & Toubro Milestone II JPMorganChase An efficiency Leader emerges:Crafts a new career path, aids the companys larger goal 4 key regulatory projects as a business analyst, increasingly brilliant contribution, leaders applaud The decision: Asset Management Technology to Investment Banking 1987 2013 One day, he'll make us proud! I can still do better..!! Hey buddy, wanna jam tonight..?? A Technology Analyst delivers his first high impact ventures in Technnology Milestone III NYU Stern MBA 2010 Setting up for the coming: Summer Associate Internship Building invaluable networks: Soccer, Music & more Milestone IV: Elation & Triumph Morgan Stanley 2017 2015 Èxito de ingeniería (Engineering Success) Learning people management the hard way A lesson learned: What is comfortable is rarely profitable! High profile clients, great relationships Promotion on the cards! Top down and bottom up wisdom: A well rounded professional Moments of Satisfaction:My days of teachingat the Candle Project,a non profit organization Vows of unending happiness change life for the better "The quest for excellence fueled my hard work which got me a high rank in the IIT JEE" As a Business Analyst, I identified and capitalized on all learning opportunities, maintained an efficient communication channel to iron out roadblocks, and worked collaboratively to meet deadlines Due to my efforts, the India Business analysts have generated a sense of dependability, transforming from erstwhile order-executors to equal partners in driving business solutions. For good things come to those who wait.. Through MBA, I fortify my analytical skills, improve understanding of financial statements, learn strategic frameworks of valuing businesses, master negotiating skills, and lead high performing teams to excel as an investment banker Graduation from Stern,first steps in investment banking at Morgan Stanley. Experiential learning by participating in client communications, meetings with the C suite,and negotiations with other firm advisors. Bottom up & top down view of how strategy evolves and ideas get direction Frequent illnesses did not deter me from excelling at studies Mastering Finance & Strategy My transition from an introverted child to an outgoing adult is largely attributable to the love for music. Through years of training andpersistent efforts to touch perfection,I have attained the virtue of patience, inquisitiveness and pursuit of excellence
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