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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 cean Acidification Cook Islands, Aitutaki Eco Friendly Boats . -Taking shorter showers-Eliminating baths-Wearing clothes more than once before washing-Covering swimming pool to prevent evaporation-Turning off faucet when brushing teeth-Washing our cars less-Filling dish washer to capacity before running-Reducing number of showers per week - Because of all the tourism , boats are an important source of Co2 emissions.- If current boats were replaced with hydro-powered ones, than the Sewage Filtration Having a weakened exoskeleton increases the vulnerability of coral reefs to storms and heavy wave action. The frequency of extreme weather events is increasing due to climate change, and corals are becoming weaker and less able to cope with stormy sea conditions, which could lead to extensive damage and local extinctions during bad weather. Increase d Causes of Ocean Acidification By making these changes, the Cook Islands can reduce their Co2 emissions and in turn stop the coral reef from decaying any farther. Solution to reduce Ocean Acidification -Ship fuel pollution and leaking-oil indusrty pollution and leaking-sewage dumps from land -tourism now dominates the economy of Aitutaki and allows islanders more than just a subsistence livelihood. -But ocean acidification and rising sea temperatures, the very stresses that threaten the tourism industry, would also damage the island and the ability of islanders to return to a subsistence livelihood. That means its just not the current way of life on Aitutaki that is threatened, it is all life. It is their home that is threatened. Decrease the Tourism Rate
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