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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 5 Tips To Kill Bacteria With Healthy Cleaning Products Tip 1: Use white distilled vinegar. Because of its acidity levels, this type of vinegar is very effective at killing bacteria, mold, germs and other unwanted house guests. Not only is it effective, but it is also environmentally friendly, since it contains no harsh chemicals. Tip 2: Use Sunlight. Its free and its available for everyone. Yes, sunlight can kill a large number of bacteria with its ultraviolet rays. This method is greatly effective for blankets, sheets, or any other fabric that you can hang outside. Leave the fabric exposed to the sunlight for a few hours. Tip 3:Stop using bleach on your clothes. Use hydrogen peroxide instead. It will disinfect and whiten your clothes. Regular 3 brands usually sold in stores will do the trick. Tip 4:Use alcohol for disinfecting small surfaces. Alcohol is not only good to disinfect wounds, it also works on surfaces. Use it to kill bacteria in commonly used household items such as TV remote control, phones and door knobs. Drench a cotton ball with alcohol, squeeze the excess and clean away! Tip 5:Hot water is also a bacteria killer. Use hot water to wash your laundry as well as your dishes. Preferable, let your dishwasher do the job. If you dont have one, set the water as hot as you can stand it to wash your dishes. Use rubber gloves to use even hotter water.
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