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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What I know:-Video games are played on consoles-Video games can be addicting-League of Legends has had 32 Million viewers during World Champ.-Can be linked to antisocial-Can be used for education and propaganda -Some games are censored-Bullying can occur in games (trolls and whatnot)-Can be used for: Cognitive skills, Stress relief, Education, Exercise, Teamwork Argument Matrix Houfu Yan What i want to know!-What are the effects of playing certain video games? (Games: LoL, CoD, P&D?)-Why are video games addicting?-How do video games affect aggression levels in people?-What are the positive/negative effects of video games?-What is it like being a video game addict?-How big is the video game industry?-How to earn money from games?-What makes a game popular? Ki Terms:- Video Games- Violence in Games- Censored Games- Game Addiction- League of Legends- Call of Duty- Tencent- Riot Gaming- Trolls- Positive Effects of Gaming- Negative Effects of Gaming- Aggression in Games- Azubu- DDR, Wii Sports, Just Dance- Mobile Gaming- Video Game Industry- Microsoft- Puzzle and Dragons- Sony- Activison- Nividia- Quiz Up- Osu!- Monster Strike- GTA- Valve- TF2- EA- Zynga- World of Warcraft- Clash of Clans- Halo Plan of Attack:1. Experiment on Self (during break)2. Use Reddit (LoL and P&D)3. Looks stuff up on Ebsco4. Send mail to companies (probably not gonna happen) nǐ shì wǒ de xiǎo ya xiǎo píng guǒ ér
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