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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Society affecting Womens rights in sports What is it about?Women were not so active in competing or participating in any sports in the past. There are many stereotypes women have especially when it comes to sports. Sterotypes have always been in our socitey from the very beginning until now. Socitey is one of the biggest factor affecting women from competting in sports Society and stereotypes Society made sports seem like for someone more masculine like how men are. An example is that you need to be fit in order to preform your best in sports and males have the advantage because naturally males gain more muscles and faster then females. Playing sports you also need the toughness males have in them because sports is competitive and also sometimes dangerous because of the injuries. where did women stand in sports in the past?Society has always classified women as the weaker one emotionally, mentally and physically therefore women were not expected to participate in sports since their body was weaker and delicate. Women were excepted to do more feminine things such as cooking, cleaning, looking after children etc... Society and Media society advertise/air 95% more of male athlete/team rather then women athlete/team which makes it seem like women do less sports then men. TV programs that air female competition wouldn't have much viewers because males would always go first and most people would watch a male competition. Watching women play sports is uncommon for society because the lack of toughness and competition that we get out of male competition. Where do Women stand now?As of the present many more women are able to compete in competition but they would never be at the same level as male because society will not accept it. Women are used more to sexualize a sport, an example would be during breaksin-between games, there would be a female entertainer usually and singer. Thismakes people want to watch sports more including females somedia/society is forcing us to watch male sports
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