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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roman infrastructure was thebasic foundations andengineering found all overeurope, most of the romandesigns are still used today intodays houses and some aspects of their engineering and such in todays.these things included aqueducts, roads Aqueducts were a very important part of romanof roman infrastructure as they were used to transport water down to the citys and other areas that needed water. The romans built these on a slant, so they would need to find a waterabove where there citys or were positioned so the water would flow down. We use this design today in piping in the form of smaller and more efficient pipesbut also travel on a slanted axis tomake travel easier Roads were also invented by the romans and they wereinvented to better facilitate travelling goods such as food, soldiers and other tradedgoods instead of hauling them across dirt. It is estimated that rome had 85,000 km's of road across there empire. The roads are used today in the same way except they use tarmac and tar instead ofcobblestone and pebbles Freedom of travel The roman freedom of travellaw allowed any roman citizento travel anywhere in the romanempire. After centuries of borderconflicts you could now travel anywhere within the roman territory.The aims of the EU were to give freedom of residence and freedom of profession within the state Roman Infrastructure also includedfoundations and house designs.Most of the roman houses were called villasmost of their designs are taken from the greeks,most of the houses are made using cobblestonesandstone and marble bricks. the designs includedlots of pillars and mosaic floors, most of the villas had mosaic floors of religious means, for examplegods or something meaningful Roman Infastructre Roads were invented in Roads were invented in 500 BC in roman britain. The actual is unfortunately unknown. The aqueduct was invented at rome in312 BC, the Aqua Appia. The actualinventor is unknown but the length of aqueducts strectched to over 250 miles The genre of roman infrastructure also included aqueducts, foundations, roman roads and the freedom of traveldecree
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