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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roman Sports Gladiator matches were first held at funerals around 264bc and ended in the 6th century's,and was fought by really poor people or slaves. later on the matches also serves the purpose of entertaining, large Arenas were created and the rich people started fighting in matches, even the Emperor himself. The name gladiators came from gladius, which is the latin word for sword. Elite gladiators are for pre game parades, they wore armours that were always overdecorated.Emperor Caesar's wore solid silver, Emperor Doomitian's wore solid gold and Emperor Nero's wore amber. -nearly 30 kinds of gladiators were identified. -the games held by Julius Caesar ,on the death of his daughter, held 320 matched pairs.-they did not always fight to the death.-Woman also fought as Gladiators-Gladiators often became celebrities -dead gladiators were carried into the gate of death When one gladiator is down, its fate lies with the audience. But it is the Emperors rights to decide the losers fate. Life or death. But most of the time he still listens to the crowd. The hand gesture is the confermation of either choices. Thumbs up mean sparing the Gladiator, but thumbs down means death. healthy slaves were sold as gladiators for a very high price. Good gladiators also havea very good share of rewards. Rewards are also given at the end of the match, much like the sport games we watch today. you may have wondered, how and where did the word "Gladiator" come from? well,here's the answer, Gladiator actually means the word sword in Latin.
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