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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pluto Pluto's size is 2,306 km. in diameter Size Tempeture of Pluto Since Pluto has a rocky core covered by ice its temperature changes as it gets closer and farther away from the sun .But the average minimum temperature on Pluto is -275 degrees celsius! Plutos max. temperature is -218 degrees Celsius. Does Pluto have gravity? Maybe you've seen the pictures of astronauts on the moon, bouncing up slowly in the low gravity? Pluto has less gravity. If you weighed 100 pounds on earth, you would weigh about 17 pounds on the moon, but only 6.5 pounds on Pluto. Discovery of Pluto Discovery in 1930-2006 they considered Pluto as the ninth planet. In 2006 they redefined Pluto as the dwarf planet. Distance from Pluto to the Sun 3,670,050,000 miles Pluto's surface Pluto is thought to have a rocky core covered by ice The color of Pluto The tiny planet Pluto is mostly made of ice. Therefore, you might predict the color to be transparent or white like ice or snow. However, Plutos color is actually brown. Interesting facts about Pluto -Pluto remains as one of the most well-known non-planetary bodies in the solar system. -Pluto has 3-5 moons. -Pluto is about 4.6 billion years old. -The sun rises and sets about once a week. -Sunlight is almost 2,000 times dimmer on Pluto then on Earth. -Attempting to view Pluto from Earth is like trying to see a walnut from 30 miles away.
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