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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lifestyle Choice: The choice to eat LITTLE to NOTHING Similar to Anorexia Nervosa Risk Factors And Statistics - Abnormal heart rhythms- Slow heart rate- Slow blood pressure- Bone loss- Kidney damage- Brain damage- Mental disorders- Can lead to 90 - 95% of girls andwomen suffer from 5 - 20% struggling will DIE Anorexia Nervosa 2012 - 7000 of 25000 Australianswith eating problems were MALE and of that 25000 most had10 -20% of dying within 20years. DEATH Risks on the Circulatory System Irregular slow heartbeat Heart muscle is nowsensitive due to anutritional deficiency.Low blood pressure+ low heart rate leadsto more risk atFeeling of being colddue to poor circulation. Slow circulation to the body The heart experiencesproblems and cancause attacks or gointo arrest, which can cause death Risks on the Excretory System Constipation due tolack of water Bloated after meals Soon the liver shuts downalong with other majororgans which can causedeath Lack of calories andprotein causes thebody chemicals tobecome imbalanced.Intestinal tract slowsdown causing the stomach to shrink.The body experiences dehydration due to theabuse of laxatives andthrowing up meals. HEART ATTACKS Get back to healthy weight range.Eat more food.Change how you think. 1. 2. Recommendations 3. 3 STEPS Seek Medical Treatment Counselling with a Nutritionistor Dietician Therapy OR Future Impacts With help from family, 46% of patientsrecover WILL Increase in big modelswill decrease peoplethinking they shouldnot eat. Medical researchincreasing =Less people at risk Normal vs. Failing
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